Transferring funds abroad has been happening on regular basis. This could be done for both personal reasons and business reasons. There have been both large and small amounts of money sent to different parts of the world on regular basis. At times, any individual or business would send money regularly. On most occasions, a person would send money to a different nation maybe once in his or her lifetime.


International wire transfer has been the best method to transfer funds electronically. It has been a significantly quick method to transfer money across the world. This could be done through various modes, but Worldcore has been the best electronic payment system in the present times. Wire transfers could be a great method for transferring money to your near and dear ones. Nonetheless, there would be a specific cost associated with this service. Most people would often do this for their family or friends residing in a different nation. They could also transfer money for business transactions. Mostly, wire transfers are used for huge payments.

Worldcore – Prepaid Debit Cards

Worldcore platform enables every client to have unlimited number of prepaid debit cards for withdrawing funds from their Worldcore account balance. The debit card could be used at a plethora of ATMs that support Visa.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Issuance and delivery of Worldcore debit card

Apply for free Worldcore prepaid debit card in the ‘Debit Cards’ section of your account. You need to provide the name of the cardholder along with the delivery address. However, keep in mind that name of cardholder along with the address must be precisely as it appears in your account profile. In case, you wish to issue Worldcore prepaid debit card for third parties, the company would need you to upload address proof along with the identity proof of the cardholder. They could be your business partner, family member, friend or client.

Worldcore debit card

After the application to issue a card has been initiated and the card has been made ready, ‘Pending’ status of your application would be changed to ‘Delivery.’ After receiving the card, you would be required to clear the card activation procedure. It would require you to enter the number of the card received. In case, the number matches successfully with the number in the system of the company, your card would be activated straight away. In addition, it would be available for same-day funding as well.

Loading the debit card

Every time you wish to make a transfer from Worldcore account to your card, you have to select one of your cards from the provided list of your active cards. Henceforth, follow the instructions for loading your card with a few clicks only.

transfer from Worldcore account

Worldcore Payment

Worldcore payment service has been the best and most comfortable method for transferring money worldwide. The experts of the company have spent more than a year researching on the leading online payment solutions. The research has provided them with an understanding of what has been missing in their existing payment systems. The research would assist them build their own payment system without any disadvantages.