Laboratory freezers are important in a laboratory as it helps to store important elements in a low temperature. For example, by using lab freezers you can store blood product or many scientific products that need immediate freezing. Lab freezers can help you store and freeze scientific products if necessary for preservation.

Available in Many Sizes and Types:

The size of lab freezers may vary and you can choose from different models offered by the lab equipment distributors. Size of the lab freezers may start from 90 liters and the temperature ranges can vary from -20C to -80C, depending on the types and models you select.

Temperature Controlling:

However, the characteristic of a good lab freezer should be beyond just freezing items. A good freezer should have the capability of storing reagents properly and maintaining a constant temperature, without a major temperature alteration. You can also get microprocessor controlled lab freezers with the temperature range between minus 40 and minus 80.

Good Cooling Technology:

Usually a good laboratory C freezer comes with a CFC free freezing unit, which should be self-contained for its compressor unit. Good lab equipment distributors offer lab freezers that come with polyurethane foam insulation walls that help reduce power costs. The cooling or the freezing method used in the lab freezer should use the cascade cooling technology, as this technology reduces the workload of the compressor unit.

Modern lab freezers also have superior sample protection and touch screen interface with an exceptionally built 24/7 monitoring system that can store 278 lbs. of sample. A digital temperature display with touch screen interface is really useful for daily temperature record keeping. Also, some higher-tech lab freezers come with alarm systems that are tripped when the freezer reads out of the range temperatures. This type of easy and constant temperature monitoring facility provides the lab assistant with a peace of mind.

Quick Freezing Quality:

Quick freezing quality is an important indicator that determines the quality of a good lab freezer. Quick-freezing is important in laboratory, especially in preserving the vital blood products, plasma, body organs, and other important materials used in blood banking and research. Also, there are many biotechnological products that need immediate freezing and only a highly equipped lab freezer can provide this. Also, there are many lab freezers that offer an ultra cooling opportunity, which may be important in a laboratory in some cases.

A good lab equipment distributor can offer you a complete line of laboratory refrigerators and freezers that are especially designed for your laboratory and can store and freeze a number of items including hazardous and explosive materials.

Purchasing your lab freezer from a reputable lab equipment distributor can be a good option as you can choose from a range of available models. You can check freezers of different brands and compare prices. Also, these distributors can offer a competitive prices and excellent customer service.