The Pan Pacific Group of Hotels is no stranger to the luxury line of hotels popular and loved across the world. One individual today who is solely responsible for their outstanding success and growth is Patrick Imbardelli.

He was the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the PPHG chain and has been associated with a number of leading hotels during his 30 year successful stint with global the hotel industry. He has played a key role in enhancing the brand image and international presence of the PPHG luxury hotel chain across the globe today. He is a man who is an effective leader and one of the most revered business analysts in the hotel management industry across the globe today.

Under him the PPHG Chain of luxury hotels have won a number of awards. They have helped the Group to win international acclaim and repute. He has over 30 years of rich knowledge in corporate operations and business growth skills in the hotel and management industry. This has made him a trusted name in the hotel management industry not only in the USA but across the globe as well.

Today, Patrick Imbardelli is a mentor who teaches hotel management aspirants about the skills required for the trade. The hotel management industry is a very demanding one and it is important for everyone to get prepared for grueling work. When it comes to integrity and trust, Patrick envisages on the fact that one should be approachable and at the same time have integrity for the people to approach you for advice. He believes in the power of advice and this is solely based on immense trust. Patrick has effective communication and leadership skills. During his stint with the hotel and hospitality industry, he was an inspiring team leader and role model. Patrick is known for his excellent interpersonal skills and this is what has made him endearing to everyone in the industry.

His peers also respect him for his valuable contribution to the hotel industry today. Patrick is an individual who is not totally corporate and only involved in professional development. He is a kind and compassionate soul and believes in charity and giving back to society as a whole. This is why he has been awarded with The Variety Club International Award For Service To Underprivileged and Disadvantaged Children. He believes in charity and emphasizes it is the social responsibility of an individual to give back to society at large!

Patrick Imbardelli is considered to be one of the best things that has happened to the hotel management industry in present times. He has been associated with this competitive and challenging industry since 1980 and has played a key role not only in the growth and development of the PPHG and its individual hotels but to the industry as a whole. He has set the highest standards for quality and service delivery. This is why he is considered to be an indispensable asset and well loved figure in the hospitality industry today!