Credit cards on a credit basis

Credit cards are a very practical means of payment, which can offer numerous advantages, particularly when used abroad, compared to paying with cash or an EC card. At the same time, however, the credit card companies have relatively clear requirements for the applicants – at least when it comes to real credit cards, which the bank repeatedly grants the owner temporary loans. The requirements for credit cards on a credit basis are dealt with more loosely.


Credit cards on the basis of credit

Credit cards on the basis of credit

It have the advantage that they can be used in almost the same way as ordinary credit cards, for example when it comes to car rental security deposit. At the same time, however, unlike a normal credit card, it is not possible to go into debt with a prepaid credit card, because only the same amount of money can be spent as was actually deposited on the card.

Such a card is suitable for people with a negative Schufa because no information is obtained from Schufa when the card is issued. Likewise, the card is also useful for pupils and students who want to or have to undergo strict cost control.

Comparison of prepaid credit cards

credit cards

Of course, it is important for most people that the credit card they use is as cheap as possible, because for most people the credit card is not used regularly, but rather for exceptions such as stays abroad or shopping on the Internet. Above all, the annual fee applies, regardless of the intensity of use of the card.

For example, the Wüstenrot Prepaid Visa is exempt from the annual fee, which also makes it possible to withdraw free cash 12 times a calendar year worldwide – a special feature when it comes to using credit cards. There is no fee when paying in a foreign country in Europe. In countries with other means of payment, the fee for using the card is 1.50% of sales and at least USD 2.50.

Among the prepaid cards, the Wüstenrotbank visa card appears to be the only one that completely waives the annual fee – the disadvantage of the card is that credit on the credit card account does not earn interest. This is the case with other credit cards on a credit basis, such as the PayMango Visa Card, which is issued by the Best Bank BW.

However, an annual fee of 25 dollars is required for the PayMango Visa card, young people between 12 and 18 years only pay 20 dollars, and you also get a discount of 5 dollars in the first year of card use. There are cash fees at the ATM, in the amount of at least 2.50 dollars per withdrawal or 2% of sales.