The central element of Christianity, is the love of Christ, the love that Jesus Christ, the son of God showed for entire human race. It is this love that becomes the pivot of Christianity and that is the love that every Christian is called to mirror in their attitude towards their neighbors and everyone around them. Ron Hindt, the pastor of Calvary Houston, a community church bases its beliefs on all that Jesus had said and the word of God, i.e. the Bible.

This community of Christians believes that they have been called by God to lead the people into deepening their relationship with God and in the bid finding favor in God. The programs and services arranged by Ron Hindt are all centered on the word of God that is mentioned in the Holy Bible. They read out the Bible at all their services and sing praises to God their savior. Because it is considered that singing is praying twice, therefore a major population of the Christian community indulges in extravagant singing.

Knowing About Christianity Better From Ron Hindt

There is a cycle of love that is followed in Christianity, the love of Christ is reflected in his dying on the cross, the love of the Christians for Christ and the love of the Christians for other people. This is what forms the centrifugal teaching of Christ. When Christ surmised the ten commandments of God given in the Old Testament, he gave just two commandments to replace them – love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and your entire mind; and, love your neighbor as yourself.

If it analyzed properly it can been seen that it is basically love that Jesus always endorsed, whether it was in the healing of a leper, where he showed love towards the sick, or whether it was in the stoning of the adulteress woman, where he forgave her showing his love and acceptance of another human being. All he always said is love is was that led to the creation of mankind, and it was love that saved mankind from eternal damnation, it is therefore that love alone should reign in every circumstance of life.

The verses from the book of John in the Bible clearly reveal how much God loved the humans, it says,” For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall never perish but have eternal life”.  Christianity believes that there is an afterlife beyond death; but that will not be a life of the body instead it would be an eternal life of the souls, and what will endure is the love of God that was, is and will always be there for mankind.

There are numerous instances that can be cited from the Bible wherein Jesus has spoken about loving one another, just like He loved others. When Jesus said,” Love one another as I have loved you” is when He gave a new commandment to the world, but alas, people have submerged themselves in the worldly things to such an extent that the love that God instilled in man’s heart has completely altered its meaning.