“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28, The Bible)

When Jesus Christ said it, disciples believed and followed it. Centuries later even after the advent of postmodernism there is discrimination in the name of gender, color and class. A common observation is that of people losing faith in God and thus disregarding religion. In a world where evil is trying to subjugate over good, the special men of the Almighty take up the responsibility of defeating the Satan. These individuals try to eradicate vice and negativity from the life of people.

Prophet TB Joshua, is the messenger of Jesus Christ, leader and founder of SCOAN (The Synagogue Church of All Nation), spreading the words of spiritual beliefs, power of praying, healing with love and care to all. He is the epitome of an individual both modern and classically religious with his belief of equality, unity and humanity. A Christian by birth and his attachment to the Bible since childhood is just an addition to his being a pastor.

When attending his services, offerings and sessions, and on a visit into the church all is the same in the eyes of god and those of this noble prophet. Since the day, he received divine vision of the Almighty referring him to start his own ministry, he has been praying to god and serving for equality and humanity.

As a man of good deeds, he received respect and admiration in the public’s eye, a national honor award from Nigerian Government and letter of appreciation from United Nations. His other humanitarian activities include sending medical and food products at the site of disaster relief, helping in them to revive from loss and imparting strength necessary to carry on. He also supported many students from primary to secondary standards, by providing scholarships to them. He even sent two of them to pursue further studies in foreign countries. For his local community his contribution and assistance has been of immense significance. Upon all these actions and services, Prophet TB Joshua is no less than a blessing from Him for the people. He soothes their mind, heals the body and soul, makes them accept who they are, all equal and lovable.

His words help people alleviate themselves out of their misery and find courage and confidence in self. Here no one is a man or woman, a CEO or an average employee, an adult or an old man, but all are the servants of God, seeking his love and blessing. For all these and many more reasons, innumerable disciples and believers of God come here weekly. That is millions of people from across the different countries across the Earth;seek this place with all its spiritual beauty and the sessions of this great prophet.