There are several women entrepreneurs who are known for their acute business skills and compassion towards society as a whole. These women are role models who are fit to be followed and respected. In Honolulu, there is a woman entrepreneur who is highly loved and respected for her intelligence and compassion to society- her name of Kimberly Wang Dey!

Kimberly is based in Hawaii and is the CEO cum Founder of the esteemed company Number Eight or N8. She is the head of the organization in the fields of strategic business planning, aligning and pursuing the business goals of the organization and corporate strategy. She is also actively involved in business arrangement management.

Kimberly Wang Dey is a great business leader and widely respected and loved by her subordinates. She is friendly and approachable when it comes to discussions and addressing concerns. She lends a helping hand to all her subordinates and is always willing to teach them innovative strategies for better business development and success.

She is a skilled woman with several years of valuable experience under her sleeves and this is the prime reason as to how she is able to help others and resolve their doubts and issues. She is an amazing business mentor and guide. She is forever ready to help budding business aspirants who wish to make it big in the business world. She gives them guidance and advice whenever they ask for her recommendations on how to excel and progress in the market.

Besides business Kimberly has another passion in her life- horses! She has established her own horse breeding business and grooms them for tournaments and competitions both at the national and international levels. Her horses have won many awards and this has been quite encouraging for her. Kimberly is the first American Asian who has been awarded with The World Champion Amateur Hunter Rider completion for two years at a stretch. She is an accomplished rider of horses and also serves on the Board of Advisors at Aina Koa Pono LLC.

Her qualities and talent as a woman entrepreneur does not stop here. She is actively involved in charity and is the Vice-President of The Charles B Wang International Foundation. Charles B Wang is her father and an esteemed entrepreneur in the area too. This reputed charitable organization focuses on the welfare of children and it makes significant contributions for their progress and development.

Some of the notable names it is associated with are ASSETS School, the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii, Le Jardin Academy, Special Olympics Hawaii and the Kapiolani Medical Center. Kimberly herself makes charitable donations regularly for the well-being and upliftment of the above educational institutes. Her sole motto is to improve the lives of children who are not fortunate to enjoy comforts of society.

Kimberly Wang Dey is a positive role model for society today. She is a woman who leads by example and loved by everyone. Her kindness and compassion towards children and horses is widespread. She is a talented entrepreneur and one of the most respected women in Honolulu today!