The average business spend on printers

The average business spends 5-12% of its revenue on printing. After office rent and employee pay, this represents the third-largest expense for the majority of office-based organisations. What’s more, most firms are blissfully unaware of this, and those that are have no idea that there is something they can do to reduce these costs. Why […]


Pay It Forward – Outsource Your Payroll

In a fast-paced business world, flexibility in every department of your business is key. As a result there are essential services that still need a specialised amount of attention, and payroll is one of these. The size of your business is one of the factors that may influence your decision to outsource your payroll, and […]


What is an environmental consultancy?

What do environmental consultants actually do? Put simply, they check all aspects of the environment before land or buildings are purchased or before land or buildings are put to a different use. The environment covers a wide range of areas, and so environmental consultants do a wide range of jobs. Working with Air One of […]


Bankruptcy and Tax Debt

The novelist Ernest Hemingway has a character in one of his novels describe how he became bankrupt, and he says that it happened two ways: “gradually, then suddenly”. You may have experienced something similar – a gradual accumulation of tax or business debts has suddenly become critical, and you face being made bankrupt by creditors […]


Get The Bigger & Precise Picture

For corporate enterprises, they need to have a thorough understanding of today’s geopolitical environment in order to do business and this includes various contentious and volatile international issues from several viewpoints. This is the reason why many corporate enterprises employ the services of geopolitical intelligence organizations to provide them with a precise, genuine and impartial […]