Electronic Medical Record Integration with Medical Billing Serves All Concerned

In 2009 the US Federal Government dedicated about $19 billion as an economic stimulus package to spur on the adoption of the electronic medical record. Known as the EMR, the electronic medical record served to standardize the recording of patient care both at the hospital level and clinical or small practice level. As a result, […]


Organizational Skills That Transformed The Destiny Of The American Beauty Industry

When it comes to the creation, development and the growth of an organization, every company needs an inspirational mentor and leader. The company can also develop and reach new heights if its leader is motivational and has good organization skills. In the past, we have seen many Companies having humble beginnings. They had the courage […]


Mini misters in your pockets

Regulation of temperature and humidity level around you has numerous physiological and environmental benefits. A well regulated humidity level not only keeps you safe from many health hazards like itching, eye and skin irritation, respiratory problems and nosebleeds but also preserves your belongings like furniture, computer and paper. Where on one hand huge large scale […]


What Makes An Ordinary A Brand

Branding is the keyword for achieving success in the contemporary market. The market has its logic of operation. To hold your grips tight, you have to represent, promote and package your work or product in a unique way. Whether you are an employee, artist, housewife, businessman, etc., branding is essential. However adopting unplanned branding strategy […]